Spider and Bug Catcher Tool

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Capture insect intruders from a safe distance.

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Let's Help You Cope with Spider Season

Capture insect intruders from a safe distance

You'll love the Sureguard Spider and Bug Catcher Tool. It's designed as an easy to use spider and other large insect grabber.

Capture the intruder from a distance, then release it outdoors. No chemicals or batteries are needed. A truely eco-friendly product and humane spider catcher.

Also a great way for children study insects by easily catching them without harm.

How it Works

The catcher tool has a trigger at one end and bristles at the other. The 65cm long handle means that you can collect the insect from a safe distance.

  1. Simply squeeze the trigger to open the bristles.
  2. Slowly position the opened bristles over the insect.
  3. Quickly release the trigger. You have safely captured the insect!
  4. Take the insect outside and press the trigger to release it unharmed. If desired, swing the bristle end away from you as you press the trigger to release the insect at a distance.


  • Remove insects from walls, ceilings, under or behind furniture, etc.
  • Suitable for catching spiders, beetles, moths, cockaroaches, etc.
  • The Sureguard Spider and Bug Catcher Tool is easy to use. Practice a little before actual use.

Comes complete with instructions and wall mounting hook.

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    Jenny Stevenson
    Rating: 5/5
    Great tool for catching spiders
    Nice easy and safe way to catch and release spiders from in the house. Wish i had bought one ages ago.

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