Radio Collar for Wireless Dog Electric Fence

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Due to unforseen circumstances the ETA for our new Radio Collars has been delayed. We anticipate shipping our new model in mid-February. We apologise for any inconvenience.
If you have an existing system, and need assistance, please call Brad in our technical department on 1800-800-044.

Advanced Digital Radio Signal

A Radio Collar for Every Dog

Sureguard has manufactured Wireless Dog Electric Fences in Australia since 1997. Sureguard pioneered using a digital transmission for its collars and solar power to run its boundary wire transmitter. We've utilised this advanced technology for nearly 20 years and we've continued to improve as electronic has advanced. Sureguard was granted two patents for innovative features you won't find elsewhere. All of this is to ensure your dogs are as safe as possible.

Do you have a small, medium or large size dog? No problem!  The Sureguard collar is small and light weight and fully adjustable for neck sizes 20-60cm.

Do you have a stubborn dog or a timid dog or somewhere in between? No problem!  The Sureguard collar automatically adjusts the correction according to your dog's behaviour.

How is my dog contained?

A boundary wire precisely defines your dogs new limits. You adjust an activation distance inside the collar which effectively creates a predictable no-go area around this wire. This no-go area is spilt into two zones. Your dog first encounters the outer zone. The collar emits a 3 second audible warning which gives your dog the opportunity to back away and stay contained. If ignored, the collar disciplines your dog with a static correction at the minimum level. This is intended as a reminder. In the unusual circumstance that your dog does not back away, the collar will present another 3 seconds of warning followed by another correction. After 15 seconds an auto cut-out applies which resets after your dog exits the no-go area.

What happens if my dog ignores the warning?

When the inner zone is detected the 3 seconds warning is cancelled and the collar immediately disciplines your dog with a stronger correction level. The collar automatically selects the strength according to the number and frequency of escape attempts. So, if you have an obedient dog or a timid dog they will receive just enough correction for their behaviour. If you have a stubborn dog you can be assured that one of the 12 correction levels will provide enough persuasion.

How quickly will my dog learn to be contained?

Before you leave your dog on the system you need to train your dog to back-off in response to the warning sound. Training generally takes at about 50 minutes spread over 10 five minute sessions during the first 2 days. The collar is set to training mode which switches off the correction. Important: your dog must not feel the correction until training is complete. During the second half of day two you switch the collar to containment mode then monitor your dog from a distance waiting for that first encounter with the fence. When your dog experiences that first correction you should see an immediate jumping back away from the boundary. Your dog will finish his own training as he explores his new limits.

How wide is the no-go area?

During installation you will adjust the activation distance suited to your dog's escape behaviour. For example, if your dog is a runner you'd generally select the maximum distance. If your dog is jumping over a fence, the activation distance should be a little more that the height of the fence. For example, when jumping a 1.5m fence you'd select at about 2m. If your dog is a digger you can select the minimum distance (about 1m). Note: At minimum activation distance your dog will reach the inner zone quite readily so may not get a 3 second warning.


Better by Sureguard...

Sureguard's design focus has been on achieving the highest success rate at a reasonable price.

  • Collar has 12 correction levels (some systems only have 1, 2 or 3 levels).
  • Collar automatically learns your dogs behaviour and applies just the right amount of correction. (No guess work needed).
  • Each dog on the system gets a customised correction level (as silly as it might seem, some systems give all dogs the same correction!).
  • Automatic run-through prevention feature.
  • Correction pulse has high fur penetration due to Sureguard's special design.
  • Correction monitor checks to ensure your dog felt the correction and if not reapplies it. (just in case fur gets in the way).
  • Escape indicator show the number of boundary interactions over the last 24 hours. (how is your dog behaving when you're not at home?)
  • Collar has low cost replaceable battery with up to 12 months battery life & low battery warning.
  • The collar activation distance is fully adjustable from 1m to 5m.
  • Each dog can have a different activation distance. (useful if you have small and large dogs. Some system give all dogs the same distance).

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One radio collar is included in the Starter Kit. Add extra collars for each dog that's likely to escape.

Sureguard collars have many unique features:

  • Patented collar fit monitor.
  • Attempted escape counter.
  • Run-through detection.
  • Shock resistant solid resin construction.
  • Optional Chew Guard.
  • Training mode setting.
  • Learning mode so each dog gets just the right amount of correction.


  • Collar Size: 86g (3oz).
  • Collar Size: 20mm x 43mm x 59mm.
  • Adjustable Neck Size: 20cm to 60cm (8" to 24"). Fits small, medium and large dogs.
  • Collar Fabric: Polyester 20mm x 1.5mm Quick release buckle.
  • Collar Battery: 1 x CR2032.
  • Battery Life: up to 6 to 12 months (with low battery warning).
  • Correction Levels: 12. (collar automatically selects according to dog's behaviour).
  • Activation Distance: 1m to 5m.
  • Automatic Cut-out: Collar correction is limited to a maximum 15 second.
Can a dog run so fast that the collar does not activate?

Sureguard tested a wide range of brands and found all triggered. However, most only corrected while the collar is passing by the wire. In other words, the correction was usually very brief just fractions of a second. A correction happening so quickly may not deter a running dog.

Other brands advertise "run through prevention". What's unique about Sureguard's "run through detection"?

Sureguard compared brands offering "run through prevention" and found collars would stop correcting about a second after crossing the no-go area. Sureguard's collar will present a 3 second correction for more effective control. Persistent runners are often chasing animals, so as the Sureguard collar learns this frequent behaviour it will increase the duration of the correction in an attempt to draw your dogs attention away from the chase. The maximum correction for a run-through is about 10 seconds but your dog would have to be quite persistent to experience this level. If your dog continues to be a runner Sureguard can provide special training techniques.

How can I manually set the correction to maximum?

You'll get better results if you allow the Sureguard collar to determine the strength. Some brands offer a manual setting but you risk your dog getting used to the high level. Then what do you do?

Does the fur need to be trimmed behind the collar?

Yes, during the initial learning phase. We need to be absolutely certain that fur does not prevent the correction from being felt. As the fur grows back, should a problem arise your collar will indicate if the correction is not being felt. If that happens you know you need to regularly trim the fur behind the collar. Different breeds have different needs.

What is pressure necrosis?

Pressure necrosis is a skin condition that can develop if a collar is too tight and left on for extended periods of time. Imagine wearing shoes too small for you. The combined effect of pressure from the tight fit and rubbing from walking may eventually lead to sores on your feet. Something similar may happen for a collar on a dog's neck. The collar needs to be sufficiently tight to make contact with your dog's skin but not enough that the skin is under pressure.

Dogs with Sureguard collars rarely experience pressure necrosis. Two of our design features reduce the problem: 1/ The correction points on the rear of the Sureguard collar have a large diameter to reduce pressure, actually up to 70% less than some brands. 2/ The electronics in the Sureguard collar produces a correctional pulse that can tolerate a small gap between the skin and collar so the correction can still be felt. So, the obvious question is, why don't other brands do the same? Simply cost; the Sureguard design costs more to produce because it requires more components to achieve this performance.

Why do you not have a stronger "stubborn dog" collar?

Sureguard manufacture one collar that works for all dogs, including stubborn ones. Twelve levels of correction intensity can be delivered by the collar. The level is automatically assigned according to your dog's recent history of interactions with the boundary. The level will remain high if your dog is stubborn and will reduce when your dog is well behaved. This feature is built-in - you don't need to buy a more expensive model simply because you have a bigger problem!

My dog escaped and when it came back would not cross the boundary, why?

If your dog is so motivated to leave it may decide the correction is worth putting up with. In other words, his desire of the reward is stronger than his avoidance of the correction. On the way back hi desire to get back to the house is not as strong as his avoidance of the correction. If this behaviour persists, contact Sureguard as we have a proven technique to change the balance between his level of desire and avoidance of the correction.

How do I allow my dog to cross the boundary when going for walks?

To go for walks, develop a pattern of interaction with your dog.

  1. Show your dog the walking lead.
  2. In an up beat tone tell your dog it is time for going walks "GOING WALKS".
  3. Attach the lead to your dog's usual collar.
  4. Remove the radio collar.
  5. Show your dog the radio collar and again in an up beat tone say "GOING WALKS".
  6. Leave the radio collar behind.
  7. Cross the boundary at the same spot every time you leave for walks and always on the lead. NEVER allow your dog to cross the boundary while off the lead.
  8. Follow the reverse procedure on the return. Remember to tell other family members to follow your routine.

Important: During the initial training period you must NOT allow your dog to walk across the boundary as it may reduce the effectiveness of the training. Instead, remove the collar and leave your property by car. Wait a few weeks to ensure your dogs behaviour is stable then introduce the above training.

  • Do not use an electronic barrier to restrain a DANGEROUS DOG. A dangerous dog is:
  • A dog that has been trained to attack or bite any person or anything attached or worn by a person.
  • Has been declared to be dangerous by the relevant authorities.
  • Do not use an electronic barrier if failure of the system could result in personal injury, animal injury, or property loss or damage.
  • Do not install an electronic barrier in areas where a hazard might be created or possibly cause harm.
  • Compliance Information for customers in Victoria.
  • Electronic collars are not allowed in ACT and SA.

Customer Reviews

Excellent product. Does the job. Tough and durable.


Sure guard do make a very reliable dog collar that works.Our beagle has only infringed the fence line once. In six years great peace of mind. Product & customer service is professional.

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    25 / 53
    Anita Milburn
    Rating: 5/5
    Wireless radio collar.
    Very impressed with this product. Works wonders on my Rottweiler. Definitely worth purchasing if your dog likes to wander.
    Paul Cook
    Rating: 5/5
    Replacement Collar
    Bought because original was great and lasted longer than expected! Great product.
    Candice Grace
    Rating: 5/5
    Dog Collars
    We love the dog collars, easy to use and great follow up service and advice.
    Rating: 4/5
    We have 2 dogs and each have a collar...
    We have 2 dogs and each have a collar. Brought replacement collar after 5 years for dog no. 1. Great product. Thoroughly recommend.
    Jeffrey Boon
    Rating: 5/5
    Thanks for the follow up phone call...
    Thanks for the follow up phone call
    Rating: 4/5
    We have 2 dogs and each have a collar...
    We have 2 dogs and each have a collar. Brought replacement collar after 5 years for dog no. 1. Great product. Thoroughly recommend.
    Ian Alchin
    Rating: 5/5
    Needed a replacement collar in a hurry...
    Needed a replacement collar in a hurry. Express delivery was great.
    Peter Burton
    Rating: 4/5
    The product does the gob it has been...
    The product does the gob it has been designed for and controls my dogs very well. My only concern is that water is able to enter the unit and corrode the battery. This requires regular maintenance. I can only assume this is from drinking.
    Rebecca Wallis
    Rating: 5/5
    Awesome customer service. My dogs are...
    Awesome customer service. My dogs are great with it and learnt very quickly. I would highly recommend any of these products
    Kevin Bohne
    Rating: 4/5
    Very good system. Only one comment...
    Very good system. Only one comment, the collar needs to be more user friendly when it comes to setting the correction level manually and also the top correction level needs to be more intense for stubborn dogs. Over all the system is working fine now. Possibly need to look at a more compact collar for small dogs. [Editor: the correction level has 12 levels that adjust automatically and cannot be accessed manually.This adjusts if the dog is being stubborn and testing the boundary.The collars are designed to fit to small 20 cm neck size]
    Rating: 5/5
    Perfect customer service. This dog...
    Perfect customer service. This dog collar has provided a great solution at our acreage.
    Rating: 5/5
    Sure guard do make a very reliable dog...
    Sure guard do make a very reliable dog collar that works our beagle has only infringed the fence line once.In six years great peace of mind product customer service is professional
    Bruce Paulsen
    Rating: 5/5
    As always, great service, fast delivery...
    As always, great service, fast delivery and a good product. Thanks guys!
    Eddie Flynn
    Rating: 5/5
    This was a replacement collar for one I...
    This was a replacement collar for one I have had for several years. I would expect that this one will be just as good.
    Rick Cullen
    Rating: 5/5
    Excellent service and product, highly...
    Excellent service and product, highly recommend the collars they worked even better than expected.
    Rating: 5/5
    Wireless collars are brilliant. Just...
    Wireless collars are brilliant. Just purchased a third. Excellent quality and extremely reliable. Highly recommend anyhting from these guys.
    Cathy Hoffmann
    Rating: 5/5
    This was an additional collar for a new...
    This was an additional collar for a new dog. It has resolved the escape problem we were having. As with the original set up, the collar has worked well with no issues. We can now go to work confident there will be two dogs when we return.
    Rating: 5/5
    Great backup service have no problems...
    Great backup service have no problems with the system. My two dogs have remained within my yard now no heart aches I am now able to enjoy them.
    Gilbert Cook
    Rating: 5/5
    Have had system for 3 years working...
    Have had system for 3 years working well, cant blame the system is dog looses collar, good service as usual
    Rating: 5/5
    I bought the fence system with one...
    I bought the fence system with one collar over 6 months ago. It was here within a few days and is extremely effective. The system is of a high quality and the chew guard has protected the transmitter. I recently ordered another collar and chew guard as my female decided she would start escaping. Once again the goods were here within a few days and again had been 100% effective. Would recommend this system. Very happy customer :)
    Rating: 5/5
    I bought an extra collar to replace 2...
    I bought an extra collar to replace 2 that were lost in a bushfire evacuation. Unfortunately the week after it arived my dog was put down at the vet. The collar didnt come home! That said they do work fantastically and I will be purchasing another soon.
    Rating: 5/5
    We have been using these radio collars...
    We have been using these radio collars for years. This was a replacement for one that failed, eventually. But then it had been in constant use for about 6 years. They work brilliantly, but only if you put in the effort to train your dogs to the fence and warnings first.
    Rating: 5/5
    Excellent product Does the job- tough...
    Excellent product Does the job- tough and durable
    Rating: 5/5
    Collar works well. We have beagles and...
    Collar works well. We have beagles and the sizing was excellent. No complaints.
    Rating: 5/5
    Collar is great. Only complaint is it...
    Collar is great. Only complaint is it was for a maltese shiatsu cross so there is a lot of overhang. It would be good if we could order smaller sizes.

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