Bird's Eye View - Clear Etched Bird Deflectors 15cm 4-pack

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UV fluorescent art decals that reduce bird window collisions.

Average Rating: 3.0

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"Thud" - A bird hits your window. How sad.

Bird's Eye View® helps reduce bird window collisions

Make Your Home Safe for Birds

Bird's Eye View® helps reduce bird window collisions by making the glass more visible to our feathered friends.

To birds, the Bird's Eye View® film looks like a bright blue glow that speads out in all directions across the window surface disrupting window reflections. To people it appears as a faint white geometric design.

Bird's Eye View® film is unique and protected by International patents. You'll find no other product like it. It's an attractive and practical way to look after our feathered friends.

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    Ms Margaret M Grant
    Rating: 3/5
    Bird Deflectors
    Easy to install, although instructions state "shiny side to window " and it is hard to identify which side is the" shiny" side. Deflectors have not totally eliminated bird strikes, but have reduced frequency and intensity of strikes. Overall worth purchasing.

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