Keep Dogs out of Garden

Dog has been digging in a beautiful garden. Dog is looking back at his owner with a guilty look.

Some dogs love plants and flowers; they enjoy ripping the plants apart. Some dogs see flower beds as an opportunity to dig. If you have sprinklers installed, they can become your dogs next play thing.

An electronic deterrent will solve these problems.

Ways to keep your dogs out of the garden:

Electronic Pingg-String Barrier

Highly recommended, most effective way to keep dogs from the garden. Precisely limit access to any number of garden beds. Place the Pingg-String wire at the dog's nose height around the areas you want to protect. When the dog tries to push under the wire it will feel a static pulse off the wire. One device controls any number of dogs. Safe for dogs and children.

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Wireless Dog Fence

Bury a single piece of wire around all the beds you want to protect. A radio signal comes off the wire. A special collar worn by each dog receives this signal when close to the wire. This activates repelling static pulse to the neck. Build a completely invisible barrier! Best suited to yards at least 15m wide.

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Motion Activated Sprinkler

When your dog moves within range of the motion sensor it triggers a 3-second burst of water in the direction of the dog. If your dog hates the water blast he will stay away from this area.

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Motion Activated Sonic Devices

These repel dogs using a combination of flashing lights and/or startling sound. The deterrent effect comes from the element of surprise as it is triggered by the dogs movement. Only recommended for occasional use or the element of surprise is reduced.

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Terrier about to damage the garden.

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